The week ahead: October 28th through November 3rd:

It seems the past week had two reactions...That it was the best week and everything came through, or it was the worst EVER. So, I feel like this weeks reading should focus on balance as our theme. I choose the Secret Language of Colour deck as a way we can integrate color to help us [...]


The week ahead: October 21st through October 27th:

Still more transformation ahead my friends. Continue to hold on tight and look for the light. I promise you'll come out the other end of this a stronger, more confident person. If you look to the very first card for the beginning of the week, you'll notice that the butterfly maiden is facing to the left [...]

The week ahead: October 14th through October 20th:

Although last week promised much better times ahead, it still felt a bit bumpy. The theme last week was realizing that when something happens, it happens for your best interest...well, this week looks to be the same. Just looking at the cards and seeing two fire suits and an earth, I understand that this week [...]

The week ahead: October 7th through October 13th:

Yes!! How long have we all waited to get cards like these? It feels like a little too long if you ask me. When I pull cards that are this positive, it tells me that you've been doing the work to change your world for the better. Congrats! I know the new moon on the [...]