The week ahead: July 29th through August 4th:

 Has it been 3 weeks or 3 months that you've been trying to loose weight? Do you feel like it's been to no avail? Or maybe it's something you've been studying and planning for and you've seen no results. If you look to the first card, you'll notice the angel is eating from the tree of [...]


The week ahead: July 22nd through July 28th:

 Does anyone else think that's crazy that I pulled the Luna card for the beginning of the week and we have a full moon today? Just sayin 😉 Well, the beginning of the week asks if there's been something you haven't wanted to hear lately. Has it been a nagging spouse or boss? Maybe the kids [...]

The week ahead: July 15th through July 21st:

Have you been thinking about going back to school or taking a couple classes to further your education? The beginning of the week says that if you've been feeling this way, now would be the time to research schools or classes that peak your interest. Minimally, just keep your ears perked and mind open to new [...]

The week ahead: July 8th through July 14th:

Has there been a nagging voice in the back of your head, asking you to do something that normally makes you happy? Maybe you've been exhausted or don't feel like you have the time to do what you love. If you look at the first card closely, you'll see the angels directing white light towards the [...]

The week ahead: July 1st through July 7th:

 Have you been praying for guidance? Or maybe you've been feeling a bit lonely lately or feel like no one understands you or sees things from your perspective. Know that your prayers have been heard because the beginning of the week is reminding you that a higher consciousness is working with you. Whether you call [...]