The week ahead: November 11th through November 17th:


Thank all that is holy that Mercury goes direct this week! My phone has been on the fritz and everything has been going WAY to slowly for this Aries. Now that Mercury’s orbit will be back to normal, so should most everything else. By the 15th, any lingering craziness from the past 3 weeks should be gone. Feel free to start any new projects, sign paperwork/contracts, and buy those electronic items you’ve been salivating over 🙂 If you notice the cards, I’ve added a new item to the mix. Most of you know I make jewelry, and I have a slight (ok, major!) obsession with crystals and stones. I thought it would help to add the stones I work with during the readings to the pictures; to help amplify the energy for the week ahead. The stone I’m working with this week is clear quartz. It’s a great amplifier of positive energy and also absorbs all negativity, so only the good affects you. It does so much more, but I know you want to get to the week at hand.

On to the good stuff!

The beginning of the week wants to speak about assertiveness. There is also a message here of breaking free…so I don’t know if over the past couple of weeks you’ve been thinking of what you need to do to help your situation, but whatever you felt caution about will be gone by Monday. Enough is enough, and whether it’s an old way of thinking or handling things, or a relationship that just isn’t going anywhere, you’ll be busting loose! No more shackles on you! On the first card, my eye was drawn to the roses to the fairies right. This symbol means two things to me. First, this could be symbolic for an anniversary (birthday, marriage, death, etc..) coming up. Second, the rose speaks about self love. So know that whatever you’re breaking free from is about learning to love yourself enough to do what is needed. The card goes on to say that one reason why the fairies are so happy is because they’re assertive with each other. This trait is very different from aggression, which denies the rights of others. Assertiveness, in contrast, honors everyone’s rights (including your own). Assertive people are easy to get along with because you always know where you stand with them. Your current situation calls for you to be assertive: Speak your truth with love; and let go of unhealthy, old communication habits. Additional Meanings: Read books or take classes on assertiveness • Don’t do anything out of guilt or obligation (this feels right on target this week!) • Be a good role model for others by practicing this trait • Say no to this request • Be true to yourself and your values.

The middle of the week promises something everyone has been hoping for! The reason I put the clear quartz over this card was to amplify the positive energy coming from it. Who doesn’t want their debt paid off?? I know I do! This card speaks of transformation within your financial situation. So, this could mean you land a job that will help with your money woes, or it could mean you finally pay off all your medical bills. This could also mean that you sit down and have a real plan of attack on how to get your cash flow back into the green. Maybe you have a financial adviser give you some solid advise on how to manage what you have. The point is that your debt will be paid off. Thank goodness! The card goes on to say that this card signals an impressive shift in your financial situation. You’ve made the clear decision to be free of old debts, and the Universe has responded in kind. You’re presented with opportunities to reduce your debt, including new avenues of income and inner guidance about reducing nonessential spending. As you follow these leads, your financial situation rapidly improves. Additional Meanings: Make a clear-cut decision to be debt free and the Universe will deliver • Cut up your credit cards (that escalated quickly!) • Question each expenditure to see if it’s really necessary, or just an impulsive purchase • Know that you deserve to be, and can be, debt free • Resolve to initiate new spending habits–pay cash for everything, and if you don’t have the cash, don’t buy it • Tithe 10 percent of your income • You’ll receive a financial windfall • Affirm often that God is the true source of your supply.

The end of the week brings more good news 🙂 If you’ve been trying to sell your house and nothing has been happening, this card is a signal that things will finally move forward. It could also mean that you’ve decided to move to another location, one that supports your work or your passion, or for your work or passion. Another meaning this card could encompass is about having a new mind set. It’s almost like living in a new place because you’ve decided to start thinking differently, which changes your view on everything you see. Maybe you’re ready to be more positive. Just know that no matter what meaning makes sense for you, this move is a positive step. This card indicates it will also be a peaceful time, and/or this new place will be the peaceful retreat you’ve been looking for. I can almost hear your sigh of relief 🙂 The card goes on to say that the fairies are so attuned to the earth’s heartbeat that they can detect changes far before we’re aware of them. This card comes to you because the fairies foresee you moving to a new location with positive results. If you ask for their assistance, the fairies can help with this change, including letting go of your present home, releasing financial worries, and finding a wonderful new place. Additional Meanings: Take steps to move, such as contacting a real-estate agent • A positive change in your finances allows you to afford a better home • Someone is moving in or out of your home • A relationship change heralds a move • Healing is occurring within your home • Consider a career helping others with their homes, such as Feng shui, mural painting, landscaping, or house-sitting.

Stellar week ahead my friends! Once you break free from whatever is biding you, nothing will hold you back. All financial issues will be settled this week. That could mean you make a plan of attack to get back to good, or that you finally pay that huge bill off. By the end of the week, you’ll get the word on an important move. A new place of residence or to a new state of mind, either choice is a perfect step up. Make sure you have a laser focus on your target this week. Whatever it may be, stay honed in and you can achieve anything!

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This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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