The week ahead: June 18th through June 24th of 2018:

• The video will be back in July! • We're now winding down from the dizzying heights of Gemini season, being up in our minds and intellects while absorbing and sharing new information, and floating into the watery sign of Cancer, which is sentimental, heart based, and focused on all things home and family. The [...]


The week ahead: June 20th through June 26th:

• We have a full moon tonight in the sign of Sagittarius, and it's also the summer solstice as well! Longest day of the year to go with the sign that never has enough hours in the day to do all the adventures/or learn all they want. Today is your day, my Sag friends! 🙂 [...]

The week ahead: June 22nd through June 28th:

• Happy Summer Solstice, lovelies! Yesterday marked the longest day of the year and the day that the sun moved into Cancer, highlighting all things close to home; perfect day for Father's day! Today, lucky Jupiter and innovative Uranus align and help us to re-imagine our life goals and direction. What this could mean for [...]

The week ahead: June 23rd through June 29th:

 •Happy Summer Solstice, lovelies! Saturday marked the birth of summer and the longest day of the year. It was a beautiful day with calm energy and a much needed retreat from the busy week. What are your plans for the rest of the summer season? If you want to use the energy from Saturday, you [...]