The week ahead: November 27th through December 3rd: • OK lovelies! We have a hell of a week ahead: first we're in Sagittarius season, so our need to travel, to learn new things that enrich us and expand our spiritual horizon, as well as finding our freedom will be big for us. Then, we have mercury going retrograde the day before [...]


The week ahead: December 12th through December 18th:

• This is gearing up to be an powerful week! We have a super ( which means it's closer to earth, amplifying the themes at play) full moon in Gemini on the 13th/14th, and if you know anything about Gemini's, they like to communicate. They absorb information like sponges and to me, are the natural [...]

The week ahead: November 23rd through November 29th:

• So which word caught your eye first? I did this as an experiment to help you see what you've been focusing on lately. Even if you're not consciously aware that you have been focusing on this word, it's to help you face what's going on inside, and to get a better understanding of what [...]