The week ahead: October 30th through November 5th: • Yay!! Happy Halloween week, Lovelies! We're now getting into the midst of Scorpio season and I wanted to focus some attention this week on regeneration and what it might take to give birth to ourselves, or to consciously rise from the ashes of our former lives or way of being. As you [...]


The week ahead: May 22nd through May 28th: • Welcome to Gemini season! If you've noticed you've been going out more (or you've been itching to party) and meeting up with friends and family (especially siblings which this sign rules), know that you've received a big boost from the social butterfly sign. These guys are the writers, the communicators, and the [...]

The week ahead: August 15th through August 21st:

• We have a full moon this Thursday the 18th in the sign of Aquarius! As you well know, full moons are a time of completion, where new projects we started at the new moon, start to show their potential now. We can close one chapter and continue on to the next, granted that we've [...]