The week ahead: December 27th through January 1st:

• We have a new moon coming up in the sign of Capricorn on the 29th. There is LOTS of Cap energy moving around right now, with both the new moon and mercury retrograde hosting this sign, as well as as it just being Cap season, you might feel like you need to escape mentally, [...]


The week ahead: December 19th through December 25th:

• We start this week with Mercury (planet of communication and information) going retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on the 19th. Mercury retrograde is a time to redo, rethink, revise, and review anything that needs a second look. I like to see it as a time to take a breather and make sure that [...]

The week ahead: December 12th through December 18th:

• This is gearing up to be an powerful week! We have a super ( which means it's closer to earth, amplifying the themes at play) full moon in Gemini on the 13th/14th, and if you know anything about Gemini's, they like to communicate. They absorb information like sponges and to me, are the natural [...]

The week ahead: December 5th through December 11th:

• Christmas is fast approaching and I have NOTHING done. Thank goodness for it still being Sagittarius season so I have optimism and faith that I'll be able to pull everything off before the 25th 😀 If you're in the same boat as me, try to get everything done before the 19th when Mercury goes [...]