The week ahead: January 25th through January 31st:

• We just had a beautiful Full Moon in Leo on the 23rd, and Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close on the 25th (Yay!). We have some intense energy this week and some of us might be wigging out a little. As Mercury Retrograde is coming to a close, it's giving that last push [...]


The week ahead: January 18th through January 24th:

• I don't know about you guys, but last week was an incredibly difficult time for me. David Bowie passed away and Alan Rickman--both heroes of mine--and my grandmother survived a pulmonary embolism. That's right, I said survived. I'm happy to know I come from hearty stock. I should be rejoicing on the last bit [...]

The week ahead: January 11th through the 17th:

• We just had a new moon in the sign of Capricorn on the 9th, and our current situation may be asking us to grow up a little and create some structure in our life. Capricorns are known for being workaholics, adhering to structure and rules. There is a need there to exercise caution and [...]

The week ahead: January 4th through January 10th:

• Oh boy, oh boy... Mercury Retrograde is here again from the 5th till the 25th, Lovelies! I usually have a pretty good spin on Mercury Retrograde, instead choosing to see the good it can produce it making us stop, look, listen, and gather information. It helps us to rework, redo or re anything to [...]