The week ahead: June 29th through July 5th:

• We have a spectacular full moon coming up July the 1st in Capricorn. Capricorn is well known as the sign of workaholics, and this full moon promises to apply that energy to the desires in your heart. You could possibly see yourself putting extra effort into your relationship with your significant other or business [...]


The week ahead: June 22nd through June 28th:

• Happy Summer Solstice, lovelies! Yesterday marked the longest day of the year and the day that the sun moved into Cancer, highlighting all things close to home; perfect day for Father's day! Today, lucky Jupiter and innovative Uranus align and help us to re-imagine our life goals and direction. What this could mean for [...]

The week ahead: June 15th through June 21st:

• We have a new moon in Gemini, Tuesday the 16th. It also looks like Mars conjunct the Sun and Moon, which means some potent warrior energy is getting thrown into the mix! So what does this mean for you? I means you should be careful about the words and thoughts you're choosing right now. [...]

The week ahead: June 8th through June 14th:

• Ooh! Venus just entered into the sign of Leo starting June 5th till July 18th. Right after, Venus will go retrograde in Leo from mid July till October, but we'll cover that later. In the meantime, you should be seeing a major boost to your confidence, an increase in generosity all around, and be [...]

The week ahead: June 1st through June 7th:

• We have a full moon in Sagittarius coming up on Tuesday the 2nd. This one promises lofty dreams and goals, but with the mercury retrograde still in full swing, you're really being asked to look at the reality of your situation. If your engines are ready for blast off, now is NOT the time [...]