The week ahead: May 25th through May 31st:

• I'm shocked at how emotional this past week has been. I honestly shouldn't be considering we're still dealing with Mars in Gemini (look back 2 weeks ago to read up on that, if you missed it), so that means your words might come out angrier or harsher than expected (or really feel)--or before your [...]


The week ahead: May 18th through May 24th:

• I'm pretty excited about this new moon tonight in Taurus! Known as the grounded feminine sign, Taurus is all about stability, security (financially and physically), and manifestation, as well as self-worth, personal values, and our personal mastery over all things physical and Earthly. A new moon in Taurus means that this is the perfect [...]

The week ahead: May 11th through May 17th:

• Oh boy...Mars just entered into Gemini (May 11th through June 28th) and if you've been having a hard time getting your words out fast enough to match your lightening quick brain (or saying the right ones), you're in good company. Mars is the planet that rules all of our passions and drives, and when [...]