The week ahead: April 27th through May 3rd:

• Hey lovelies! Let's chat today about this Uranus/Pluto square that's now releasing it's titan grip on each other up in the heavens. For the past 3 years, Uranus and Pluto have been squaring each other in the eye, working in cahoots, and making us feel that EVERYTHING needs to change RIGHT NOW. Uranus is [...]


The week ahead: April 20th through April 26th:

• Whew! What a doozy of a week we just had. I'm really happy that Mars has now entered into the sign of Taurus. This gives us the go on whatever project you've been working on behind the scenes. Get yourself out there and shine, baby! It's important to note that building a solid foundation [...]

The week ahead: April 13th through April 19th:

• Expect the unexpected this week...I'm being serious. Flexibility is being asked for here as we enter into the new moon on the 18th. Very high highs and very low lows are expected to pop up out of nowhere; maybe one right after the other. If you lay low and hope for the storm to [...]

The week ahead: April 6th through April 12th:

• Holy cow, this full moon lunar eclipse we had on the 4th was an emotional one! I feel completely drained of all energy today, and if you're feeling the same way, please make sure you take care of your health. This full moon brought up some important issues regarding patterns of relating and relationships, [...]