The week ahead: March 30th through April 5th:

• As I was leaving a friends house last night, I heard the little spring peepers (spring frogs) peeping away in the background. That beautiful sound stopped me dead in my tracks and I yelled, "SPRING PEEPERS!" like an asylum patient on the loose. I'm sure the neighbors will keep a healthy distance from me [...]


The week ahead: March 23rd through March 29th:

• How are you guys feeling from last week? The general consensus I keep hearing is "exhausted!" We had a new moon solar eclipse, AND spring equinox all in one day on the 20th. Whatever needed flushed out of your life was either final on that day, or just started to remove the roots from [...]

The week ahead: March 16th through March 22nd:

• And we're back! I hope you guys had a beautiful week without me 🙂 I took a trip to Florida to see family, and I was able to get some time to think. A lot of crazy, spontaneous, deeply sad family issues, powerful, joyous, and intensely emotional things have been happening for me these [...]

The week ahead: March 2nd through March 8th:

• Happy March, lovelies! 🙂 I'm so ready for spring time, and for this full moon on the 5th. It looks like this full moon will be in Virgo, asking us to bring some things back into balance: emotional and physical, criticism and acceptance, work and service... you get the idea. Where the theme of [...]