The week ahead: February 23rd through March 1st:

• I want to talk today about working with what you've got. I personally have a tendency to think "Only if I [whine here] then I can do [cry here]" situations and then resolve to do nothing. "Only if" statements keep you stuck; running in place, doing the same thing. When I get stuck on [...]


The week ahead: February 16th through February 22nd:

• Guess what lovelies? We have a new moon in Aquarius coming up this Wednesday the 18th! This whole last month has felt like a massive time of endings, only to be followed by new beginnings that seem weird or out of place. I feel like the lot of us have been wandering around, looking [...]

The week ahead: February 9th through February 15th:

• Man...I don't know about you guys, but I've been having to remind myself to be patient all month. When I'm right on the verge of blowing up, something in me whispers, "chill out, sister." I don't know if it's been the mercury retrograde filing away at my nerves, or maybe it's just lessons the [...]

The week ahead: February 2nd through February 8th:

• We have a full moon this week on the 3rd in the sign of Leo, and the mercury retrograde isn't finished until the 11th. Roads less traveled are highlighted here, and asks where in your life can you take the less traveled path. If you're not getting to where you want to be, take [...]