The week ahead: January 26th through February 1st:

• As I'm watching out of my icy window as the sky is snowing it's face off, I'm reminded to do something important. Have you ever noticed that when it snows, the whole world goes quiet? At least for a small time, your little section of this wild planet becomes settled with no distractions; no [...]


The week ahead: January 19th through January 25th:

• We have new moon in Aquarius at 0 degrees on the 20th. This new moon is another one of those super moons, which means it's closer to the Earth in its orbit. It also means this moon will pack more of a punch for whatever house Aquarius sits in for you. You can find [...]

The week ahead: January 12th through January 18th:

• Ok, kids...let's talk about boundaries today. First of all, I'm terrible at setting them. I have a tendency to let whomever push and break boundaries all the time. As someone who is a human being, it behooves me to surround myself with people who respect normal boundaries and don't take advantage of me or [...]

The week ahead: January 5th through January 11th:

• New year and a full moon! What a week we just got through. If you're still feeling a bit emotional, blame some of that on this Cancer Full Moon we just had yesterday. If you'd like to read more about it, please visit my Facebook page for an awesome article on the aspects at [...]