The week ahead: August 25th through August 31st:

•The new moon in Virgo today (check out my Facebook page if you want to read a powerful article on the new moon! Facebook Me!) promises to be one of self-healing and learning to reprogram our old way of thinking so that it works more efficiently, serves our higher good, and severs destructive ties to a [...]


The week ahead: August 18th through August 24th:

•How do you define success? For me, it's repeated attempts to reach a goal I have in mind or heart. It's never giving up and expecting that no matter what occurs on the way to my expected goal, that I'm still being led right to my perfect outcome. It's taken me a long time to [...]

The week ahead: August 11th through August 17th:

•With the sudden and tragic loss of Robin Williams, I feel the message from the full moon on the 10th has a special meaning here; its time to love yourself more than you need acceptance. As someone who seemed to be living his dreams in reality, it came as shock that he had taken his [...]

The week ahead: August 4th through August 10th:

•How has the summer been going for you? I hope that the onslaught of commercials & advertising for the fall season isn't making you feel you need to rush forward. Do your best to be mindful and present at this time. The late summer season with its heavy heat and lazy passing of time, reminds [...]