The week ahead: February 24th through March 2nd:

•February will end with a bang as mercury retrograde comes to a close. Finally! Things will move forward after the 28th, and those new projects you've been chomping at the bit to start, will have the green light by the 1st week of March. The new moon is on March 1st, so keep an eye [...]


The week ahead: February 10th through February 16th:

• Mercury retrograde started back on the 6th of February, and this week, on the 15th, we'll also have a full moon. Mercury retrograde is traditionally a time of refraining from buying electronic items and big ticket purchases like cars or houses. You don't want to sign contracts or deals because all of the information [...]

The week ahead Ferbuary 3rd to February 9th:

•We're already in February!; it feels like it was just Christmas. This week, take stock of how you spend your time. Are you doing everything you can to reach your goals or priorities? Or are you struggling, only wishing you could do what makes you happy? Do one thing this week that will help you [...]