The week ahead: November 25th through December 1st:

The theme for this week's reading is sensitivity. It looks like you're becoming more sensitive to the energy around you. That statement could mean a million different things, so let's get down to the cards to figure out how it applies to you. Oh! And the crystal, or ore I used this week is peacock ore. [...]


The week ahead: November 18th through November 24th:

This week's theme is all about pushing forward, even if you're not ready. While your major transformations have been going on in the forefront of your life, this week asks you to push them aside for one moment and focus on the road ahead. It's easy to get sidetracked, and that's exactly what's happened. All [...]

The week ahead: November 11th through November 17th:

Thank all that is holy that Mercury goes direct this week! My phone has been on the fritz and everything has been going WAY to slowly for this Aries. Now that Mercury's orbit will be back to normal, so should most everything else. By the 15th, any lingering craziness from the past 3 weeks should [...]