The week ahead: September 30th through October 6th:

All of your emotions lately have made you realize something very important; you may have some less than stellar people around you right now. I feel like you've kind of known this for a while, but an epiphany moment came at some point in the last couple of weeks that you may need to clean [...]


The week ahead: September 23rd through September 29th:

 This is the week everything shifts! It looks like you faced what was happening, and I'm very proud of you! I know it was difficult, but this is the only way you can work through the situation and come out of this a happier, healthier, wiser person. Although there is some leftover energy from last [...]

The week ahead: September 16th through September 22nd:

There was a lot of fear last week that you had to hurdle. I know during that process that things came to the surface that may have been too much for you to go through at that time. The beginning of the week asks that you face what came up and work through it. If you [...]

The week ahead: September 9th through September 15th:

It's time to take that leap of faith you've been inching towards. From what the very first card is telling me, you feel like you've been in a shark tornado (chainsaws & Jaws! LOL! All kidding aside, it has been rough). From your mood to even the people around you, everywhere you turn you feel like [...]

The week ahead: September 2nd through September 8th:

The beginning of the week shows that you've been looking to the past lately, and this could mean a relationship or event. You're trying to see what happened with clearer eyes and a happier heart. It's not that you're trying to see it better than it was, just the lessons you learned from it all. [...]