The week ahead: May 25th through May 31st of 2020:

Still in the midst of Gemini season, I hope this week we focus on the information we gather and give. Almost all of my readings as of late have been talking about their mental health and just feeling so overwhelmed with all of the news out there.

I find it helpful to be reminded of my power sometimes, considering this society makes it a habit to keep you hooked on consuming what they’re serving up and looking outside of yourself for validation–none of which actually serves you or keeps you in an empowered state. I’ve also found the struggle between wanting to be informed and wanting to throw myself off a cliff; it just feels like everything I’m reading is depressing and chaotic, which makes it incredibly easy to fall into fear, leading me to take actions that land me exactly where I don’t want to be.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Funny enough, I keep seeing that quote by Mr Rogers about when he was a child and he would get scared about the news and his mother would tell him to look for the helpers. I think it’s just a beautiful reminder to step back and look at the whole picture. Yes, it’s still not the best considering everything going on right now (literally everything), but there are people out there doing beautiful, amazing acts of kindness and compassion, the Earth is healing in incredible ways, and the brightest minds of our generations are coming out in droves to help us heal; all is not lost.

I think the most important thing we can take away from this week is the reminder that we get to pick and choose what shows up in our lives. This goes not only for the news and information we consume, but actual food, energy, and the biggest one–other people. So if you find this week you’re on a unfriending or unfollowing frenzy, so be it. While you’re at it, chill out on the shows were people are always hurting and harming themselves (emotionally, physically, etc), say no to food that makes you tired and sluggish, and limit interactions with others that drain your energy or are combative. Make an effort to get out and walk in nature (if safe and possible), work on old projects that could use new life, listen to your favorite jams that pump you up, re-read a favorite book that gave you something important, tune into shows that offer good fun, and surround yourself with positive, life affirming information that helps you grow. It’s the only way I know to find the balance with all that we have to deal with; it’s also a return to knowing we get to chose what we focus on. Do yourself a favor and reclaim your power–you deserve the whole picture 💖

So how do we work with the energy of this week? My advice is this: When was the last time you cleansed and cleared your tools of intention? I’m talking the stones you keep in your bra, your pendulum, your house cleansing feather, your tarot or oracle cards, or you? And I mean thoroughly cleansed? I’m talking about taking a cloth and wiping down every nook and cranny, clearing away years of debris and any stuck energy. I recently just looked closely at my Tarot deck and realized how dirty it was. I’ve been working with my Starchild Tarot deck for the last 5 to 6 years and just never realized how much stuff was on it (eww). I decided to take each individual card and with a soft cloth and some reiki infused water, gently and intentionally wiped each one down, including the box they sit in. I know this may sound strange, but as I was cleaning them, I started to feel better myself. I then hit up my alter space and I just feel like a million bucks afterwards. Consider how the items we use to help us do our everyday magic (and are really just an extension of our intuition and ourselves) need a sparkle recharge from time to time. Clear off the gunk both physically and energetically and see how it personally makes you feel. It might just be the recharge you didn’t know you needed.

Go ahead and pick a card from above (pick one, two, or all three cards–choose what you’re drawn to). The top card is the overarching theme for everyone and it’s something to keep in mind or to remember, no matter what energy shows up for you as the week goes on. The stone you see in the picture above is green fluorite. Draw on Green Fluorite to clear negative energy from a room or work space, and to absorb pollution from the environment. Place in an area where children play to minimize conflict, and place in the pocket of children who travel fume-filled streets to school or play in urban areas. Keep a Green Fluorite crystal in the garden to attract butterflies. Use Fluorite to clear mental fog, confusion or conflicting ideas, or to quiet worried thoughts and anxiety. It is ideal for overcoming any form of disorganization, and is perfect for increasing thought and concentration. An excellent study and learning tool, Fluorite helps absorb new information, and improves memorization and retention. Used regularly, it nurtures the intelligence and is even believed to raise the I.Q. Fluorite clusters are particularly conducive to working with modern technologies. Their frequency harmonizes with computers and electronics, and draws off environmental stress and negative energies from electromagnetic fields. Their presence in work areas, labs or places of study helps the mind stay focused, organized and clear. They are remarkable talismans for analysts, accountants, scientists, engineers, researchers, processors, programmers or designers. They benefit anyone who works under pressure or lives life at a fast pace to keep the mind calm and productive. Fluorite gives form and structure to energies, ideas and concepts, stirs creativity and opens the mind to new possibilities. As “dream crystals,” Fluorite protects the mind and is marvelous for freeing the spirit at night to explore, travel and expand without fear or disturbance. Place one under the pillow to heal night terrors and sleep paralysis, and to prevent unwanted out of body trips. Fluorite angels, spheres and eggs provide soft energy and breaks down barriers between our world and angelic realms. Fluorite is an excellent “focus stone” for maintaining discipline in a health or fitness plan by incorporating structure into daily life and garnering strength and endurance for physical activities, such as Pilates, yoga, running, or muscle training. It also assists in balance and coordination. If you’d like to learn more about this stone, please go here.

Overarching theme: Ace of Pentacles: The Ace of Pentacles highlights new, prosperous beginnings that have the potential to grow into long-term success. The energy of this card speaks of planning and strategizing–laying out the foundation for the foreseeable future, knowing that the outcome will be fruitful and positive. From this state of understanding comes the ability to identify opportunities as they arise, and the paths that align best with your heart. This card speaks of the innate trust, intuition and choices that support inner growth beyond mere affluence. You understand and prioritize what is truly important, and are able to rally all of the resources you need along the way. Remember, the power of positive visualization combined with a sense of gratitude will only attract more abundance into your life. Questions to ask yourself this week: How can I align with my creativity to support my life? Where are my true notions of success? Your mantra for this week: I seek the abundance that nourishes my heart. I celebrate the gifts that life has to offer. Additional Meanings: Prosperity • Abundance • Rewards • Stability • Health.

If you chose card #1: Your message this week is about Strength. Your card goes on to say that this powerful card highlights Your Divine sovereignty and inner strength, when you are ready to set the stage for your own soul work. You are strong enough to navigate through the obstacles while also maintaining your composure – a fact that emphasizes your ever-expanding wisdom in a world that polarizes Love and fear. Understanding how Strength that comes mostly from within is directly related to how you harness your energy, as you’re able to identify the vibrational qualities of your thoughts, words, and actions. This key also highlights the importance of treating all beings with compassion, love and kindness, for it takes true strength to be mindful of how we choose to interact and communicate with the world around us. Questions to ask yourself right now: How can I reconnect with my own unique strengths? Am I ready to face my fears and trust myself? Additional Meanings: Courage • Self-mastery • Skill • Confidence • Restraint.
If you chose card #2: Your message this week is about The Devil. Your card goes on to say that The Devil exists as a spiritual blockage or trickster shadow that runs amok and breaks us down. This could take on the form of a negative relationship, a mental state of entrapment, an unhealthy obsession, or some kind of addiction. It may also indicate a lack of moderation or self-control, and the self-defeating, willful patterns from which we must learn to release ourselves. Yet despite these frightening setbacks, there’s a deeper lesson that emerges from this key. It illuminates those moments of revelation and self-control when we are able to reroute our choices and be sovereign in our power. When we literally go through hell and back and know that we are profoundly more enlightened and resilient because of it – this is the ultimate catalyst for spiritual strength, when love becomes brighter and more expensive as a result of the shadows we learn to transmute and shed. Questions to ask yourself right now: What am I clutching onto that needs to be released? What inner healing can I now focus on? Additional Meanings: Bondage • Entrapment • Temptation • Ego • Oppression.
If you chose card #3: Your message this week is about the King of Pentacles. Your card goes on to say that the King of Pentacles is an accomplished individual who thrives on living life to the fullest. Their notions of success are grand and ambitious, and they often follow a streamlined route to their goals. This person has likely refined their wisdom down to a strong sense of material stability, while always being mindful of their own foundation. This is a place of power and strength. The King of Pentacles adores the opulent richness of the world and doesn’t hold back from exploring its beauty – weather through seeking physical prosperity or the natural landscapes of the earth. There’s also a stable, pragmatic energy in this heart that exudes warmth and loving care for others. The King of Pentacles encourages us to think big, follow our dreams, and believe that anything is possible. This speaks of an intuitive strength that takes nothing for granted, in seeing the rich opportunities of life. Questions to ask yourself right now: How can I enforce my focus, to rise to new heights? How can I celebrate the beauty of this world? Your mantra: I bask in the beauty around me. I harness my power to build and create. Additional Meanings: Security • Reliable • Supportive • Discipline • Power.
This is your week! Make it an amazing one 😊
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