The week ahead: December 12th through December 18th:


This is gearing up to be an powerful week! We have a super ( which means it’s closer to earth, amplifying the themes at play) full moon in Gemini on the 13th/14th, and if you know anything about Gemini’s, they like to communicate. They absorb information like sponges and to me, are the natural born teachers of the zodiac (although, many a Capricorn would fight me on this). I’ve noticed that most Gemini’s look all innocent and worry free on the outside, but if you ever got a glimpse of the information highway that is their brains, you’d be shocked at how they can still keep everything together and assimilate all the things going on for them; visually, it would look like someone walking down the street with a Bluetooth in, having a lively conversation about the latest gossip, while studying for an exam on quantum physics, answering emails from their day job, and trying to go up to a local coffee shop to order a double shot, extra foamy, soy, mocha latte–and they can do all these things simultaneously, while retaining all information shared, especially if caffeine is involved. Too many tabs are open, if you ask me 😀 To be honest, they love the chaos, and boredom equals death, so the more info you can throw at them, the more they can add to their library of things to be informed about. Knowledge equals power here, and with that can also come the ability to be two faced or gossipy. Pay attention this week to how you’re speaking about others, especially if you’re fond of gossip—it could come back to get you. We’re also still in Sagittarius season, so if things get a bit confrontational this week, pull on your Holiday spirit or tap into your faith and optimism that everything will work out. Remember that Sag’s rule a new view, so when in doubt, ask yourself if a different perspective is needed for your situation.

So how can we use the energy of this week to help us? My advice is this: How can you communicate better with your most important relationships so that they know what’s truly going on inside of you? How can you start to restructure your own juggling act to include things that actually make you happy or teach you something new (you know you’re supposed to do more than just one thing in this life—right?)? From my own experience, when I’ve gossiped about someone is because I didn’t feel comfortable (or able to) communicate how I was really feeling about them or about something they did. I either didn’t want to face my own insecurities or I didn’t know how to set my boundaries. Don’t be like the old me; if you have something to say to someone you love, just do it. Trust that this relationship that you’ve agreed to be in, was built on a real friendship, and real friendships can work through anything, especially if you bring love and understanding to the table. And if you’re gossiping about someone you don’t even like or know, you need to get a hobby and to focus on your own life–don’t get it twisted. This week, show your true colors and be a wise sharer of information that comes your way. Your inner circle and your personal karma will thank you <3


Think about drawing down the moon on the 13th. The full moon is a time when relationships of all kinds are highlighted, including the one with yourself. It’s also a time when projects started at the last new moon can be harvested or completed. Take stock right now of any imbalances in your partnerships and wrap up projects that need to move on to the next level. If you like to do incantations, prayer or mediation at the full moon, this will add some pep to your step. I like this Pagan/Wiccan incantation I found that says, “Mother Goddess, lend me your light. Give me your power on this faithful night. I invoke you into my being and soul. Fill up my vessel, make me feel whole. I stand before you in awe and in love. I cherish your gifts you send from above. I ask you tonight to show unto me. My mother, my Goddess, So Mote It Be.” Feel free to change this in any way you like or to make it your own, any way you see fit. Make sure to face the full moon and out stretch your arms so you can take everything in. Enjoy this powerful energy!

Go ahead and pick a card from above (pick one , two, or all three cards–pick what you’re drawn to). The stone you see in the picture is a selenite wand I bought from the awesome And the herb I’d like you to check out this week is Bee Balm or Bergamot. The powerful vibration of Selenite opens the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Selenite calms and brings deep peace, and offers access to past and future lives. Selenite brings mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind problems. A protective stone, Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences. If you’d like to learn more about this stone, please go here. There’s no doubt that Beebalm is a magical flower, and one that specifically helps us to see the enchantment of the everyday. Its spicy-sweet taste and extraordinary blossoms bring us back to the present and urges us to notice the beauty and sweetness of life. This is a plant of movement, and excels at shifting circulation and energy outward and up in the body while clearing stagnation and heat. As a nervine, Beebalm is lightening and opening, and promotes a strong sense of euphoria, joy and calm. It’s a wonderful remedy for those with depression, sadness or anxiety based in stagnant or old emotions and situations. If you’d like to learn more about this herb, please go here.


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is about the Ten of Crystals. Your card goes on to say that this is a card of stability and completion. After all of your hard work, you will experience a state of financial security and lasting abundance. You’ve built a strong foundation upon which you can rest and reap the benefits of everything you have worked towards. It is an indication of many blessings with your home, family, and future endeavors. Take this time to experience the freedom you have created for yourself. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures, but don’t forget to be generous with the knowledge or wealth you have gained. Additional Meanings: Culmination • Family • Prosperity • Security • Spiritual Ascension.

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is about the Knight of Cups. Your card goes on to say that this is a time for the arrival of great news, an invitation, or an adventure. New experiences are on the horizon–ones that will emotionally nourish you and open up your heart. The pursuit and manifestation of creative ventures. Being able to identify the necessary steps to reach your goals. Additional Meanings: Feminine • Artistic • Romantic • Bearer of good news.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is about Starseed. Your card goes on to say that Starseed is the archetypal spark of your being, which journeys throughout the many lifetimes, forms, and worlds of your story. With each incarnation you may gain a greater universal truth, and with time, the discovery of who you are at this core. It is important to remember that the ups and downs are all part of the process of living, but the key is to learn what each new experience has to offer and teach. Remember, you are indeed an eternal being, and as you learn to see yourself for more than your physical body, you will connect with the divine love, life, and source which makes you Spirit. Do not be afraid of the journey ahead. Know that leaping into the unknown is part of your path in discovering your own truth and that you are safe and free from judgment. The choices you make are only for you and are there to provide lessons and spiritual growth. Detach yourself from potential outcomes and expectations, as these may change at any given time. Questions to ask yourself right now: Every time you make a choice, you alter the course of your story. How are you going to write the book of your life? How are you connecting with the light that exists within you? Additional Meanings: Movement • Freedom • DNA Activation • Experience • Innocence • Journey • Hopes and Dreams • Inner child.

My hope for you this week is that you’re brave enough to show those you love what’s going on inside of you. Maybe you don’t trust that someone else can handle what’s happening, or maybe you don’t trust your own feelings on the matter at hand. Whatever is occuring, just letting it bottle up while you pretend to be happy will eat away at you. For some of us, its a way of life to be like this, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Choose someone you care about and trust, and let them know what’s going on inside. My feelings are that you’ll learn some beautiful and important lessons about yourself and your friendship.

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂


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