The week ahead: August 22nd through August 28th:


“Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your higher self.” – Eleanor Brownn

We’re now entering into Virgo season today, so get your big girl/guy pants on and let’s get ready to get organized! Virgo’s are incredibly intelligent, quiet, helpful and analytical and these guys don’t take flack from ANYONE. Seriously–if you get into a battle (especially of wits), good luck! You WILL NOT win–you’d have a better chance at getting the pope to convert to another religion. These solid, earthy babes and dudes don’t mess around when it comes to helping others, too. A lot of healers are born under this sign and making this world better is just built into their DNA. Virgo’s are mostly known for being a common sense type thinker as well, but can come off a bit judgmental when delivering advice or offering the best path they see for someone else. So how can we use this energy to help us in our lives right now? My advice is this: It’s time for a cleanse. Clean out your closet, refrigerator, cabinets and attic/basement. Clean up the foods you eat as well as the products you’re putting onto your skin and into your body. Make sure they’re as organic or as natural as it can be. Finally, cleanse your mental chatter too. Take note of the way you speak to yourself and the stories you replay or tell yourself over and over again. Virgo’s like things simple, streamlined and to make sense (EVERYTHING can be categorized and color coded), so it’s time to see where in your life you can apply this logic. Virgo season is a time to start building up stock, getting ready for the fall, removing all the old, outworn things and replacing them with useful objects to help in the cold months ahead. Get simplified this week and remove all the extra clutter so you can see a clear path going forward while bringing only what’s necessary for the trip.

Go ahead and pick a card from above (pick one, two or all three cards–pick what you’re drawn to). The stones you see in the picture above is epidote in prehnite. Prehnite is a very protective stone and can protect one on all levels. It strengthens the life force and generally increases and stimulates energy while at the same time bringing powerful calming energies. Prehnite is said to ease worries and restlessness of all kinds. It aids spirit communication through meditation or visualization, out-of-body travel, and is a powerful dream stone. Prehnite is also known as a stone of prophesy which stimulates inner-knowing. Physically, prehnite is helpful in the healing of gout, anemia, and kidney problems. Prehnite can be used to multiply energy and enhance your protective fields. Using prehnite to chakra grid produces calmness to your environment. Helps to remember dreams. Brings inner knowing to be prepared for future events. Helps accuracy of predictions with regards to your own personal growth. If you’d like to learn more about epidote in prehnite, please go here. 


If you chose card #1: Your message this week is about the Four of Wands. Your card goes on to say Success! You have reached a period of completion after all of your hard work. This card indicates a time of celebration and an outpouring of positive energy. With this newfound success, it is also an ideal time to organize celebratory gatherings with family members and loved ones. An emergence of peace and stability is on the horizon, and you understand the process and pay off of working hard towards your goals. You’re able to nurture your loving relationships with others, and bring wisdom in abundance into the lives of the people around you. Additional Meanings: Prosperity • Peace • Completion • Stability.

If you chose card #2: Your message this week is about the Hierophant. Your card goes on to say that the Hierophant indicates a wonderful time for you to explore new things, meet new people, or gain new insights and spiritual knowledge. This may also signify someone who has the potential to shift the course of your life path, in order to bring enlightenment, wisdom, and truth. Do not limit yourself–exploration is an important part of self-discovery. This may also mean pursuing new avenues of education or learning through formal training. They Heirophant may also suggest a need to connect with a unified consciousness. It could be spiritual in nature, or within the conventions of a group or organization. If you are searching for greater meaning at this time, think about what it is you would like to learn or change in your life. What activities can you explore that connect with your own spirituality? Questions to ask yourself right now: How do I celebrate my spiritual self? What do I have yet to explore? What brings me joy, peace, and happiness? Additional Meanings: Council • Teacher • Advice • Spiritual wisdom • Guidance • Mentorship • Knowledge • Education • Unity.

If you chose card #3: Your message this week is about the Eight of Cups. Your card goes on to say that this is a time to release those things that have been holding you back from being happy and truthful with yourself. If you are searching for a greater purpose or deeper meaning in your life, know that letting go is sometimes the first step; this could also mean facing or healing painful memories, past relationships, or personal issues. This fosters a sense of emotional strength that allows you to navigate how you wish to expel your energy, or when you have to deal with the stress of others. After purging the unnecessary things in your life, you may find that you will seek a more spiritual path. A time of great transition and spiritual awakening. Additional Meanings: Moving on • Abandonment • Sacrifice • Growth • Equanimity.

My hope for you this week is that you’re ready to prep for the road ahead. I hope that you’re ready to let go of things that aren’t for you anymore, or may be holding you back or cluttering up space you can use for something better. If you’re nervous about letting things go, remember you’ll be replacing them with something that can actually assist you on your journey. Make sure to keep any eye out for people and projects that will simplify your life too, and you’ll be on the road to success!

This is your week! Make it an amazing one 🙂

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